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KamCha Premium Tea Blend Gift Box

KamCha Premium Tea Blend Gift Box


Gift box includes:

  • KamCha Premium Tea Blend (approx. 220g) X2
    Characteristics: Premium Ceylon Tea.  This type of mixed tea brings out strong aroma, smooth texture and bright color of the tea. For Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, adding KamCha Evaporated Filled Milk  would be perfect.
  • K-Tea (approx. 20g) X2
    Characteristics: Premium BOPF. Mainly strengthen the aroma of the tea.


Click here to view how Master KWONG (The Champion of International & Greater Bay Area KamCha Competition(Hong Kong Milk Tea) – Hong Kong 2021) thinks about K-Tea


Suggested proportion of Tea Blending:
Add 10g K-Tea into 110g KamCha Premium Tea Blend


*Purchase 1 bottle of KamCha Hong Kong Style Milk Tea could enjoy FREE delivery service*

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