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Milk Tea Robot – KamChAI

HK-Style Milk Tea Brewing Robot
KamChAI's Profile

Name: KamChAI



Height: 1.95m



Expertise in: Brewing Hong Kong Style milk tea



Specialty: KamChAI is able to brew nine cups of milk tea with different tea bases and styles in 12 minutes by emulating the movements of brewing masters.

Jointly developed by the Association of Coffee and Tea of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong’s artificial intelligence HK-style milk tea making robot “KamChAI” is the first robot to be launched. In Hong Kong, we love to drink a Hong Kong-style milk tea, but it takes a lot of hard work and skills to make. It’s a dying art, and not many young people are learning how to do it. In local Cha Chaan Teng, already facing a labour shortage, struggle to hire tea masters. This robot replicates all of the complicated traditional techniques to produce Hong Kong-style milk tea, from brewing and stewing to pouring, for a tea made with new robotics technology.