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Green Dot Dot - High-Fibre Wheat Bran Biscuit (190g)

Green Dot Dot – High-Fibre Wheat Bran Biscuit (190g)


1. Using organic wheat flour and organic oats.
2. Wheat bran contains rich dietary fiber.
3. High fiber promotes bowel movement and aids digestion.
4. Individually packaged for convenient nutrient supplementation, suitable as office snacks.

Dietary Fibre 8.8g/per 100g

Nutritional value of wheat bran:
Wheat bran: The outer layer of wheat, also known as wheat bran.
Wheat bran contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which are essential nutrients for the body.
Wheat bran benefits digestive health: It contains rich dietary fiber, accelerates intestinal peristalsis, and improves constipation.
Wheat bran aids in weight loss: It provides a sense of fullness.

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