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Inner Mongolian Lamb Chop (750g)


Inner Mongolian Lamb Chop (750g)


  1. Lamb chops are meat attached to the ribs, covered with layers of thin membranes. They have a combination of fat and lean meat, with a tender texture.
  2. Fresh and tender taste.
  3. Halal certification.
  4. Suitable for cooking methods such as braising, stewing, and grilling, and can also be used in lamb belly hot pot.



  • Free range
  • Grazed on the grassland, with a wide living area and exercise every day. It has less intramuscular fat and a milder flavor.
  • Fresh air, and it is far from pollution, less gamey flavor compared to lamb from other regions.
  • Inner Mongolian lamb have a more abundant food supply, and their meat texture and nutritional composition outperform lamb from other regions.
  • Geographical location: Located in the golden livestock area at 40° north latitude.
  • Yinshan Mineral Water: It has multiple national first-class grasslands and mineral water bases, being one of the nine naturally occurring grasslands concentrated in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
  • Large temperature differences between day and night, abundant sunshine, and abundant forage resources.
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